At Neumeier Engineering, we create faster change-overs to minimize the impact on production schedules by utilizing modular tooling to reduce or eliminate set-ups. This allows us to operate a lean-flow manufacturing cycle by using our customers’ forecast data to build and deliver exact quantities, reducing the need for our customers to carry large inventory levels.

Neumeier remains a leader in high-speed machining of hard metals and aluminum because of our commitment to investing in the latest equipment and technology. From cutting tools to machine tools, we use the best to make the best, and take pride in producing superior products through the successful blend of technology and experienced craftsmanship.



  • Milling
    • 5-Axis: 24”x24”
    • 4-Axis, Hard Metal: 48”x36”
    • 4-Axis, Aluminum Cell: 36”x36”
    • 3-Axis: 72”x28”
  • Turning
    • 7-Axis: to 10” diameter by 12” long
    • 3-Axis: to 8” diameter by 16” long
    • 2-Axis: to 7” diameter by 14” long
SwissType Screw Machine
8-Axis: to 1.25” diameter
  • Materials
    • Inconel
    • Titanium
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum



In addition to precision machining, our craftsmen assemble components based upon customer driven requirements. Our ownership of the process – from design to ship – allows us to tailor solutions to exacting customer demands and quality standards.


Visit our Equipment page for a detailed list of our tools and equipment.